Developing Intentional Leaders

Imagine how your world can change when you finally see the blind spots that have prevented you from reaching your maximum potential. A world filled with strong and fulfilling relationships. A world in which we have the ability to show up more powerfully, enhance our confidence and strengthen our influence.  A high level of self awareness allows us to be more intentional, connect on a deeper level, build rapport and pick up on hidden messages.”

Diane Wilbur, CEO 

Soft Skills Training Group LLC


  • Communicate with greater confidence

  • Have a powerful influence in your organization

  • Enhance your charisma

  • Gain a deeper understanding of perceptions

  • Decode non-verbal hidden messages

  • Master your body language

  • Make a killer first impression

  • Squash the inner critic that destroys confidence


Career Transformations:

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About Diane

 I’m Diane Wilbur. …After decades in roles that didn’t suit me, I finally found my passion working with talented women who need to develop their confidence to achieve their goals.  We all have blind spots that can get in the way of our success, but the #1 challenge women face is lack of confidence.

We know it when we see it, yet it is so hard to define. This program will help you understand the “wow” factor and strategies to strengthen your influence and power within your organization and with clients. Executive Presence is a skill, behavior and attitude that will help you be more effective and present ideas with confidence.