About Diane

Diane's Story:
How a CPA transformed into a Career Coach & Body Language Expert

When people I meet discover I started my career as a CPA, they are shocked. Getting out of my comfort zone and taking bold career risks helped me identify my true strengths. This was not an easy journey.


After decades in roles that didn’t suit me, I finally found my passion working with people to help them build their interpersonal skills. I began my career as a CPA and knew from the start it wasn't a good fit. Fear of the unknown kept me trapped in this role until I was forced to find another path. After transitioning to a Financial Advisor role, I realized my strengths were more aligned with people rather than with numbers. Often our strengths and blind spots are evident to everyone else but we can't see it. This was true for me as well. 


As the CEO of Soft Skills Training Group, I am fortunate to coach talented men and women every day who just need to develop their overall confidence and clarity to achieve their goals. 


We all have blind spots that can get In the way of our success, but the #1 challenge most women face today is lack of confidence. After coaching hundreds of women across the US who have felt frustrated and stuck in their careers, I created the SHEfactor program. I can help you identify and celebrate your true strengths so you can maximize your potential. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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