Body Language

Most people have no idea that the majority of communication is nonverbal. We tend to focus on WHAT to say rather than HOW to say it. If you are looking to increase your sales, influence and negotiation skills or enhance your relationships and make a killer first impression- I can help you. Learn how to stand out, gain trust and credibility every time you speak. I have worked with introverts to extroverts across all industries including technology, healthcare, finance, accounting, law, banking, real estate and more....

Why it Matters?

Within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, we decide whether or not we like you, trust you and whether or not we will do business with you.  Expanding your emotional and nonverbal intelligence will lead to meaningful and deeper connections with clients, colleagues and prospects.  

How You Will Benefit:

Your body language is more powerful than the words you choose. The most successful leaders are skilled in both verbal and non-verbal communication. These science based techniques help position leaders to connect, engage and influence with clients and colleagues.

Discover how to:

  • Communicate with confidence

  • Have greater influence

  • Enhance your charisma

  • Build trust and rapport with clients

  • Learn who the decision maker is

  • Identify buying signals with prospects

  • Make a powerful first impression

  • Decode hidden messages in others