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The SHE workshop was hands down the best workshop I have ever attended (and I have gotten sent to almost every women’s event the firm offered the past 10 years)!! I have not stopped talking about incredible the day was. If you offer follow up or next step workshops, I would love to attend! Thank you again for such a great day!!

Alison Payne, Fidelity Investments 
Diane Wilbur

I partnered with Diane when my organization rolled out a comprehensive sales and coaching program. I found her to be very knowledgeable, patient and a wonderful mentor. Diane is honest and thorough; she provided great constructive feedback and was source of strength and motivation as she guided me through the process of learning the content and honing my facilitation skills. Her energy and passion for excellence was evident in the sessions that she facilitated. She has the unique ability to create an environment that is professional and yet encourages participation and learning. It was certainly a pleasure to work with and learn from Diane; I hope to have the opportunity again.

Brenda Flores, Webster Bank 
Diane Wilbur

Diane is a gifted speaker with a unique combination of patience, confidence and people skills. I was lucky to attend one of her Art of Conversation sessions during a recent FM Global World-wide conference in Boca Raton. The message delivered tips and tricks that were easy to apply immediately both in professional and personal grounds. I would recommend Diane to any organization or individual looking to understand and improve their Soft Skills. 

Julian Massallach, FM Global 
Diane Wilbur

Thank you, Diane, for your presentation at the Women’s Leadership Agency Council for Selective Insurance. Your high energy coupled with your relatable experience, knowledge and practical tips not only was instrumental in the success of our workshop but also promoted our relationships thereby enhancing this network. Not only do I highly recommend Diane, I also endorse her workshop, “Executive Presence for Women Leaders.” Diane’s engaging presentation of the "WOW Factor:" what it is, tools to build it and the strategies which will strengthen our positive influence of others. Her hands-on coaching was interactive and we were able to be reflective of our self-visions that will lead us to fulfill our passions. These impactful take away skills will empower us to leverage our unique strengths to enhance our leadership abilities and to build our “WOW Factor!”

Kathleen Glattly
Diane Wilbur

Diane Wilbur brings an outstanding blend of content expertise and authentic, energized facilitation skills to her work. She brings sales excellence skills and leadership and personal branding workshops to demanding audiences throughout the US. I add my name to the growing list of admirers of her work.

Susan Hodgkinson, The Personal Brand Company 

I recently had the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by Diane as part of the Women's Agency Leadership Initiative sponsored by Selective Insurance Company. The topic of the full day program was Executive Presence for Women Leaders. Diane brought an energy to the program that kept me fully engaged. She made the event very interactive for all participants throughout the day which brought an element of cohesiveness and collaboration to the group. Diane’s warm personality and ability to share her own work experiences resonated with all of the attendees. The discussions were meaningful and addressed both professional and personal development. Her workshop was a rewarding and impactful experience.

Tara Silfies, COO at HMK Insurance 
Diane Wilbur

Diane has a passion for her community and her kindness shines through in her work and relationships. I am honored to have Diane as an integral part of the Science of People training team and recommend her to any individual or group seeking coaching and training in nonverbal communication.

Vanessa Van Edwards, Author of Captivate 
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Diane ran a workshop on the ART of Conversation for the more than 3,000 FM Global employees from around the world. Diane’s workshop was crisp and concise and gave our colleagues some quick tips to improve their conversation and relationship building skills on both a business and personal level. We would recommend Diane to any organization who is looking for soft skills training!

Amy Daley, FM Global 
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I have had the pleasure to work with Diane in multiple capacities over my financial services career. The common denominator & quite frankly her most distinguishing strength in my opinion has always been the PASSION and knowledge she brings to everything she does! She has been my teammate, co-manager, my HR resource that navigated me through employee performance management situations, Personal Brand Consultant for a Sales Program I was running, and lastly a trusted personal friend over the years. In every role, Diane's passion is always what drove her creativity to solve problems, challenge the status quo, and most importantly drive positive end results. 
Meet her once and this recommendation will come alive! I'll end with this, when I used her as a brand consultant she continued to amaze me (even after 15+ yrs of knowing her) that her diverse background has made her so relatable and credible. She has the BEST personal stories and professional life experience examples that are funny but drive important points home with the audience. Always ends with actionable next steps to keep her program alive. Hope to leverage her again in my new life / industry outside of Financial Services.

Kristen Regan, Regan Heating & Cooling 
Diane Wilbur

Diane is a dynamic, engaging and effective presenter! The tips and tricks Diane shares in her presentation are invaluable and really resonated with the audience.

Emma Corcoran, Selective Insurance 
Diane Wilbur

Diane's presentation for Bryant University alumni focusing on body language was very interesting and helpful. She really engaged the audience and I feel that everyone learned a few good tips. Most people don't realize how much body language affects the way we communicate and how we are perceived by others so her presentation was a real eye opener.

Beth Carter, Bryant University